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RFK Nevada Signature Instructions

May 31

Download the Petition & Circulator Instructions:

  • Petition of Candidacy for RFK JR (download & print on 8 1/2 x 11 paper, single-sided only),
  • Please follow these instructions (download & read)
    The most important thing is to get registered voters to sign a petition marked with the county where they’re registered to vote and to guide them to complete the signature boxes with their voter registration information as indicated in each block,
  • Watch this important Overview of the Petition (8:00),
  • Two items to note, not included in the video are
    1) the petition can be notarized in any Nevada county, meaning, the county in the Affidavit don’t need to match the county of the petition, and
    2) Either Randell Hynes in the south, or Mary Ann McAuliffe in the north will collect notarized petitions,
  • There are volunteer Notaries in Clark County, contact Randell Hynes to learn the next time to meet. Usually Tue, Wed or Thu at a designated library after working hours.
    Also, most banks have free notary service, and
    America First Credit Union in the South (map) > and North (map) >,
  • If you have further questions please join the next Tuesday evening ZOOM or contact Randell Hynes directly to learn details, ask questions and voice concerns.

Randell Hynes
Direct: (442)333-8035,

Attend the next occurence of this ZOOM to chat, ask questions and get instruction.

Date & Time listed above.

ZOOM Link: Join by Computer or Phone:

Computer or smartphone Video Call

Optional ZOOM audio by Phone:
• +1 360 209 5623 US
• +1 386 347 5053 US
• +1 507 473 4847 US
• +1 564 217 2000 US

Meeting ID: 916 310 1467
Passcode (Participant ID): 415456

Best Places to Gather Signatures

The State of Nevada requires public facilities like utilities, libraries and the DMVs to designate an area to gather petition signatures that we call Free Speech Areas.

Petitioning the Government is a First Amendment protected right. While on location at one of the Free Speech Areas listed on these pages, as a courtesy, please inform the manager of the facility about what you’re doing after you arrive and before you set up. You’re allowed to set up a table and signs. The hard rule is that you cannot be disruptive or block traffic in or out of the facility.

Find a location on these pages. Read the description at each location to learn the proper place to set up.

UNLV, UNR and CSN Locations

Nevada Universities are total free speech areas. We’ve learned that an area close the Student Unions has a steady flow of voters who are open to change.

Most of Northern Nevada’s petitioning activities will well up from UNR.

Nevada DMV Locations

All Nevada DMV locations have free speech areas to collect signatures.

Each Nevada DMV Location has a free speech area

We contacted Eli Rohl, Public Informations Officer at DMV to request that each facility coordinator be alerted to our upcoming activities.

Only the Reno and Clark County DMV locations are open on Saturday. The Clark County DMVs have proven to be a

Google Map

Useful Resources:

Nevadans for Robert Kennedy Jr.

Robert Kennedy Jr is running for President of the United States and has chosen to Petition the American People to get on the November 5, 2024 Ballot, instead of competing in the Primary Elections.

Principles of Robert Kennedy Jr are not from one party or the other. They are set by considering the safety, health and opportunities for prosperity of all Americans and American communities. Never considering what’s good for the party—like it has become.


What does that mean?

Robert Kennedy Jr will not be on any Primary election ballot. His legitimacy will come entirely from The People, not any Party.

Team Kennedy must travel to every State and file a Petition with the Secretary of State of each State after the date allowed in each State.

A campaign must be organized in every State to do what’s needed to get Robert Kennedy Jr. on the ballot in that State in November 2024.

This is the campaign for Nevada—Battle Reborn!