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I was recently asked to define the Bursting Through Community. I love this question because I am very proud of this community, the powerful stories we share, and the positive social impact we make.  

This question was especially well-timed as we are about to enter June, also recognized as national PRIDE month.  We, the Allies and members of the Queer Community who make up Bursting Through know that active Allsyhip is not relegated to one month but everyone is not so aware. 

This is the perfect time to share some KNOWLEDGE and POWER, revisit our mission, and make our Easy Activisms top of mind. It’s important to remember that many Allies don’t know how to support their Queer loved ones and may feel particularly ill-equipped and overwhelmed during PRIDE month.  You can help them feel less alone and more empowered.  

But first, to answer the question that started this: the Bursting Through Community is made up of Allies and members of the Queer Community who believe it is our responsibility to create safety and a good quality of life for our LGBTQ+ loved ones. 

We are disrupting the old way of approaching Queer inequality and connecting through member-told, life-changing stories that narrow the space between us.  Our stories uncover different ways of thinking and reveal new ways of showing up for each other. 

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Bursting Through is a storytelling movement; stories are our core. What is extraordinary is these stories illustrate how our daily actions matter and how powerful we are, even when we might not feel empowered.

Understanding our daily actions is fundamental to our community’s mission and shows up in the form of Easy Actvisms.  Here are some Easy Activisms that are good for all of us to keep top of mind but also easy to share with other Allies.

You can access these and many more Bursting Through graphics on Pinterest.

Meeting people where they are is also fundamental to the distinctiveness of our community.  Different people have different comfort levels, interests, and ways they want to express Allyship. 

I recently spoke with a Bursting Through member who said he wanted to flex his Allyship muscles during PRIDE month but wasn’t a parade person.  He wasn’t sure what else he could do or how he could find other ways to be an active Ally.  

The level of PRIDE events during June (and all year long) in your area will vary based on your local PRIDE organization, community centers, and other Queer friendly spaces.  Here are some thought starters for people who are seeking parade alternatives or want to add more activities to their local parade. 

For the outgoing types: 

Most PRIDE organizations will have a festival in addition or sometimes in conjunction with their Parade. 

Most PRIDE organizations have Ally-friendly Bingo.  

Every Queer friendly club will have numerous Ally-friendly drag shows, events, and theme nights during PRIDE month.

For the theater, arts, and cultural types:

Many local theaters will have Queer-created and Queer-themed shows running during June.

Many local galleries will feature Queer artists and have artist meet and greets during June.

Some PRIDE organizations (like Des Moines, IA, and Seattle, WA) host speaker series throughout the month which feature local and national LGBTQ+ voices. 

Some PRIDE organizations have book clubs with in-person and/or online discussions of their current LGBTQ+-themed or penned book.

For the Sports lovers:

Most minor and major league baseball teams will have a PRIDE night since they are in season during PRIDE.

For the homebodies:

If you have a PRIDE shirt, hat, or another sort of apparel, wear it around the house and share a selfie on social media.

Download and share Bursting Through graphics via Pinterest. 

Share your favorite Bursting Through story or the June Substacks, that encourage other Allies to join you as a member of the Bursting Through Movement. 

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For the volunteers:

Check with your local LGBTQ+ Center.  They are always looking for volunteers and LOVE Allies. 

Check with your local PRIDE organizations. They are likely still looking for people to help with this years events.

TIP: Volunteering will almost also get you free admission to the events.

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You do not have to be connected or tech-savvy to find an event or activity that meets you where you are.  It only requires a simple Google search like LGBTQ+ Pride near me,  LGBTQ+ Community Center, local theater, or art galleries near me to find what works for you.

As I already mentioned and we all know, active Allsyhip is every month but activities and opportunities for you to be more active are heightened during June.  I hope you find whatever allows you to flex your Allyship muscles.  

Enjoy your PRIDE month. When you engage with others at events tell them about Bursting Through and encourage them to join the Bursting Through Movement. Together we can create safety and a good quality of life for the members of the LGBTQ+ Community we all care about.


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