February 29, 2024 

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One of my favorite things is talking to Bursting Through members. Bursting Through members are smart and insightful. They are aware we live in difficult times, know we need to and can create a better society, and are looking to discover new sustainable solutions.

I recently had a compelling conversation with a member about Allyship, building a modern connected community, our frustration with social media, and finding fixes. This naturally led to a discussion about change and we had the following exchange:

I said: “It is not possible to find new answers and take new actions without encountering change.”  She replied, “I know but I hate change.”  

When the productive and positive conversation concluded, “I hate change” stuck with me. It reminded me of the complicated relationship many of us have with change.  I thought about how change ushers newness into our lives. People tend to like new things but are somehow hostile toward change.

Change is around and within us every day we just don’t step outside of ourselves to acknowledge it.  For example, the business world frequently asks us to change our behavior, habits, and actions and we do.  The biggest and most successful businesses that change our daily behavior are called DISRUPTORS.  

Business disruptors are admired and celebrated but somehow change on a personal level is often met with skepticism and resistance. All this led me to realize that change, disruption, or whatever we call it, begins with KNOWLEDGE, becomes our POWER and it is EXACTLY WHAT WE NEED. 



Without you realizing it, businesses have sneaked in, introducing you to new ways of thinking and doing, in turn disrupting your life for as long as you have been a consumer.

Modern businesses that were HUGE disruptors include: 







It’s easy now to see Amazon as a mall and hard to imagine life without Starbucks everywhere but they once were new and strange to us.

Before Amazon, most of us would not have imagined shopping, let alone running many of our household functions from an APP on our phone.  Before Starbucks, most of us didn’t say Demi, Grande, or Vedi.

Amazon has not only changed our shopping behavior but also our attitude toward technology.  Starbucks not only changed our coffee habits but also the landscape of our cities and our language.


Bursting Through is a media company and storytelling movement offering a new way of connecting, thinking, and building community. It is disrupting the old way and approaching the ongoing inequality experienced in the everyday lives of the Queer people you love.  

Bursting Through is casting aside the belief that safety and good quality of life for your LGBTQIA+ loved ones is the responsibility of a politician or huge non-profit organization.  It is all of our responsibility and cultivating how to be a better and more active Ally is what Bursting Through does best. 

Bursting Through delivers stories, storytelling events, easy activism lists, digital magazines, and more.  It is not the same as your Amazon-delivered Stanley Quencher but they are nonetheless products with value worthy of your consumption.



You do not need to be a trendsetter to know when something new is on the right track and you want to be a bigger part of it.  That is proven by you being here and reading this.  

We have established that business has come into your life disrupted and changed it many times before often without you having a choice. Wouldn’t it be awesome and powerful to consciously embrace something new and be a disruptor on purpose this time?

You already know:

Disruption and change is needed.

Our social responsibility goes beyond voting.

Active Allyship is necessary.

Silence as acceptance is not the intention.

Arguing with an idiot on Facebook is not the answer.

Your power lies within and I challenge you to:

Embrace being a disruptor.

Incorporate Active Allyship into your daily life. 

Use the Substack APP for information instead of Facebook.

Invite five friends to join the Bursting Through Movement.

Share this Bursting Through Knowledge and Power. 


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