Get 10,095+ signatures before the Nevada GOP nominating caucus is over on Feb 8th!

  • Print a petition (Single-sided on 8 1/2 x 11 paper),
  • Learn how to get signatures instructional page with daily 10am ZOOM,
  • Go to a recommended location, listed below, to circulate the petition and get a signature from Nevada Voters,
  • Let us know where you’re circulating | Send email to,
  • Set a personal goal to get at least 10 signatures,
  • Get the petition or petitions notarized by a Nevada Notary, Request Reimbursement
  • Send by Mail or Hand off Notarized Petitions to a Team Kennedy Nevada Captain or Lead,
  • Request Notary & Mailing Reimbursement or Donate Expenses

Recommended Locations to Silver Mine for Nevada Voter Signatures


Presidential Primary Locations


Tell Us Where You’ll Be

Send an email to

Form Coming.

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