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Mr. Robert F. Kennedy Jr is not on a Nevada Primary Election Ballot, instead he will get on the Nevada November Ballot for President by Voice of the People!

The Independent Petition of Candidacy signature drive for Robert Kennedy Jr. needs a minimum of 10,095 signatures by July 5th. We won’t need that long.

With 150 Volunteer Circulators committed to 5 to 8 hours next week, we can get the job done in the next 10 days! We’re shooting for the minimum number of signatures by election day February 6th. Then an extra 60% to turn in after March 4, 2024 while we ramp up official campaigning to win Nevada’s 6 Electoral Votes for President.

Team Kennedy Nevada has been circulating the Independent Petition of Candidacy of Robert F. Kennedy Jr on a weekly schedule at the 5 Nevada DMV locations open on Saturday in Reno and All Clark County locations, 12-3pm since January 9th, so that supporters who want to sign can find a place & time to go. That minimal effort has yielded 1,000 signatures.

DMVs have proven to be a literal Silver Mine for getting signatures.

10 Day Accelerated Schedule before 2/6 Primary Election Day

Do you have 5-10 hours over the next 10 days to canvas a nearby DMV between 8am to 4pm or another designated free speech area?

Each Nevada DMV Location is a designated free speech area!

16 Nevada DMV Locations
Google Map

Volunteer 5 to 8 hours over the next 10 days at either a scheduled event 12-3pm at the 5 DMVs open on Saturday, or during unscheduled hours at any of the 16 Nevada DMV locations, Google Map. These have proven to be excellent locations to get Voters to sign and give themselves another option for President in November.

Presidential Primary Election Day Surge

Sign up to be at a February 6th Election Location! (List Coming Today)

On the Nevada Presidential Primary Election Day, February 6, 2024, we need 2 people at the front door of as many public Nevada Election locations as possible to get all of the signatures needed to put the name Robert F. Kennedy Jr on the November ballot for President, even before the Republican and Democratic Party candidates select their nominees at conventions days later.

Learn How to Circulate the RFK Jr Petition

Nevadans for Robert Kennedy Jr.

Robert Kennedy Jr is running for President of the United States and has chosen to Petition the American People to get on the November 5, 2024 Ballot, instead of competing in the Primary Elections.

Principles of Robert Kennedy Jr are not from one party or the other. They are set by considering the safety, health and opportunities for prosperity of all Americans and American communities. Never considering what’s good for the party—like it has become.

What does that mean?

Robert Kennedy Jr will not be on any Primary election ballot. His legitimacy will come entirely from The People, not any Party.

Team Kennedy must travel to every State and file a Petition with the Secretary of State of each State after the date allowed in each State.

A campaign must be organized in every State to do what’s needed to get Robert Kennedy Jr. on the ballot in that State in November 2024.

This is the campaign for Nevada—Battle Reborn!