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MAJOR UPDATE: Signature Gathering is Wrapping Up March 8th.

Nevada Voters will have another choice for President in November!

The plan for transitioning from signature gathering to campaigning-only began after we learned that full-time circulators were coming. That additional support included Team Kennedy, one (for sure) and possibly two Super PAC circulator teams.

Team Kennedy told me yesterday that every signature that we get this week will be padding for the turn in and asked me to make March 8th the last day to gather signatures. There will be, I suspect, a soft announcement that Nevada has reached the TK signature goal for getting Mr. Kennedy on the ballot in Nevada at the Las Vegas Private Reception on Friday.

The transition plan is to shift focus to UNLV, UNR until early May. Get as much student support as possible to do outreach into the various communities around Reno and Las Vegas over the Summer. Then dig back in at the colleges when classes start in the Fall for the final push to the election.

We’ll need to notarize and collect all outstanding petitions by Saturday for shipment on Monday to Team Kennedy HQ.

Volunteer Notary Jessie Watson will be at Enterprise Library again at 4:30pm today. We’re making a plan for her to be available at Rainbow Library in the northwest this weekend.

The America First Credit Unions listed below, with the exception of the North Durango branch, will notarize for free.

Randell Hynes

17K for RFK—Turn in 25 signatures before every Wednesday!

As we scale up to a 100+ team members our goal is to gather signatures until we reach 17,000 signatures. That’s +60% more than the 10,095 needed.

To succeed, each of us needs to make a weekly plan to gather, notarize and submit 25 signatures a week. In addition, Team Leaders should have a goal of recruiting one new volunteer.

Notary Events

  • There are volunteer Notaries in Clark County who Jessie Watson will meet us Tue at 4:30 inside the Enterprise Library. Georgeann Ray will meet us at scheduled times Tue, Wed or Thu in Summerlin or at Rainbow Library at 5:30.
  • Also, America First Credit Union in Nevada (map) >
    have free notary service and most staff members are Notaries.

    Please report your experience, Sparks and Summerlin branches worked as expected. North Durango wouldn’t provide the service.
  • In the Washoe County & Carson City area, please try the America First Credit Union in Sparks, Carson City or your local bank.

Collaborate on RFK Nevada Slack Group

Slack is collaboration software with a web browser and app interface. We’ll use it to communicate on our own schedule and hopefully limit or eliminate the need for texts and emails.

Monitor Slack on you own schedule.


Team Meetings & Events

RFK Nevada Weekly Zoom

Wednesdays at 6:30pm

Please share your wins and lessons learned at this focused weekly ZOOM

Important Petitioning DO NOTS

  • DO NOT give anything out, like buttons, stickers, waters, or even a simple bowl of candy on the table while gathering signatures.
  • The area outside the doors of every Nevada DMV is a free speech area. DO NOT go inside to engage in anyway with DMV customers.

Progress to 17,000 SIGNATURES

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