Battle Reborn Campaign Intro

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Robert Kennedy Jr is running for President of the United States and has chosen to Petition the American People to get on the November 5, 2024 Ballot, instead of competing in the Primary Elections.

Principles of Robert Kennedy Jr are not from one party or the other. They are set by considering the safety, health and opportunities for prosperity of all Americans and American communities. Never considering what’s good for the party—like it has become.

What does that mean?

Robert Kennedy Jr will not be on any Primary election ballot. His legitimacy will come entirely from The People, not any Party.

Team Kennedy must travel to every State and file a Petition with the Secretary of State of each State after the date allowed in each State.


After January 1, 2024 the Nevada Secretary of State is allowed by Nevada law to accept Petitions for ballot access to the November 5, 2024 General Elections for President of the United States. Team Kennedy must submit a Petition request that identifies 6 Electors and 6 alternate Electors.

After the Petition is properly submitted and accepted by the NV SOS a master template of the Petition will be available for us to make copies. Each Petition pack is multiple pages stapled together. A cover sheet, sheets for up to 20 signatures and a Notary page that requires a Nevada Notary Publics stamp before submission.

Then, before July 4th we must submit over 500 notarized Petition packs with 10,095 valid signatures to the County Clerk’s office that correlate with that county. Voters can only sign petitions designated for the county where they are registered.

The Battle Reborn Campaign

The Battle Born State is up to the challenge and will lead the nation to a new Administration that will reclaim democracy and return power to People over Parties.

The Battle Reborn Campaign is how, starting with the earning ballot access from overwhelming numbers signatures from Nevada Voters.